Flu link between horses and camels


Abused alpacas recovering at OSU, many find new homes

Abused alpacas recovering at OSU, many find new homes

Christopher Cebra, department head and professor of clinical sciences at the college, has watched most of the 175 alpacas gain strength little by little since they were seized from a Falls City ranch where the owners allegedly abused and neglected them.



More domestic violence shelters are taking in pets

More domestic violence shelters are taking in pets

Animal welfare and domestic violence groups have found common cause in recent years amid growing interest in connections between animal cruelty and family abuse. Those links have spurred about two dozen states to start letting pets be included in protective orders since 2006; others are considering it, including New Hampshire and Ohio.

I’d like to see more of this. I’ve been involved in a few cases where we boarded an abused spouse’s pet while they went to a shelter. It’s a scary situation, especially when the abuser comes looking for the pet and wants to take him or her home. We as small animal hospitals aren’t set up nor trained to deal with these situations. It would relieve a lot of stress on pet and owner alike if they were allowed to stay together.

Dog Brains Link Pleasure With Owner’s Scent

Dog Brains Link Pleasure With Owner’s Scent

There has been an explosion of research on the canine mind lately and I’m loving it!  I always thought the concept of animals as emotionless automatons was suspect. It makes much more sense to me that many, if not most, animals are creatures of emotion and sophisticated scientific studies are bearing this out. I get the impulse to avoid anthropomorphism but I think we went too far with it in the past. It’s great to see solid evidence of the human-animal bond.